Learning To Be A Sports Coach

One of the challenges that we’ve found at NJY Teen Camp is creating an athletics program that campers can fully engage with.

Sports is one of the areas of camp that has the potential to polarize people based on interests. If you like sports, you want to participate and if you don’t, well you don’t. But what we started to notice a few years ago was that even our campers who we know are strong sports enthusiasts (the kinds of teenagers who play sports year round) were sometimes the campers who were not being effectively engaged with our daily athletics period.

So we decided to take some action – we created the TSC Institute of Coaching – a program that will teach campers how to be a sports coach.DSC_1262The purpose of the TSC Institute of Coaching was to re-engage campers in sports at camp, using the same principles of empowerment and ownership as adopted in the TAC Future Leaders program, the curriculum framework of leadership development for TAC. The premise being: If campers are given an opportunity to be in a position of responsibility and gain invaluable skills that will better them in this position, they will be more successfully engaged.

The TSC Institute of Coaching was developed in partnership with recognized coaching governing bodies and provides an 8 module curriculum that will walk campers through the steps of learning to be a generalized sports coach, focusing on a range of different sports to achieve this. The program looks at identifying core skill areas in sports; planning drills and progressions; understanding sports science principles within coaching; looking at the importance of warm-ups and cool-downs; effective communication tools and planning sessions and large events. It provides two assessments (an individual session and a group event) and allows all trainee coaches the opportunity to have a one-on-one shadowing masterclass with a high level sports coach, such as former NBA Head Coach, Herb Brown or Olympic Champion, Lenny Krayzelburg.

In a world where teenagers are increasingly looking to hone their niche area of expertise, we are proud to be able to produce a national award winning program that not only will re-engage campers in athletics at camp but also provide them with invaluable skills that will fast track them into entry level positions and help them find a future path as a sports coach.

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