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A New Year’s Resolution: To Fail

For 2016, let’s start questioning the conventional ways in which we do things. By Sam Aboudara I love this time of year: ample opportunities for reflection. Between Thanksgiving, Chanukah and New Years Eve, being a Jew in America provides the perfect schedule of events, allowing us to seek perspective and think bigger than ourselves. Each… (more)

Learning To Be A Sports Coach

One of the challenges that we’ve found at NJY Teen Camp is creating an athletics program that campers can fully engage with. Sports is one of the areas of camp that has the potential to polarize people based on interests. If you like sports, you want to participate and if you don’t, well you don’t.… (more)

Where Would You Visit In The World?

We’re fortunate, that we live in a day and age where experiencing other cultures is so accessible. There are countless opportunities to attend programs in other countries whether it’s as a school exchange, during summer vacation or in other capacities. More to the point, meeting people from other countries here in the US is no… (more)

We believe in providing an experience that is relevant for high school teens and nurtures them at this incredible stage of their development.

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Teen Camp provides an opportunity for teenagers to learn about themselves, make a difference to the lives of others and realize their leadership potential.

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Our enriched program features over 75 choice electives, teen travel experiences, service learning volunteering and leadership training and certifications.

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