Choose from an amazing array of recreational and competitive sports that are played on our premier facilities. Our staff provides instruction in each activity that is designed to meet the needs of each individual’s level of ability. This in turn plays a strong part in the development of a camper’s proficiency and self esteem. With increased competency comes greater personal satisfaction.

Campers can participate in inter-camp leagues and tournaments in a competitive team or individual sports experience where they learn from premier coaches through our key partnerships which are highlighted in our Total Specialty Camps (TSC) section.

Campers can try over 20 different individual and team sports or spend more time in their favorite disciplines. These include: Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Fencing, Archery, Batting Cages, Weight training, Flag Football, Skateboarding and Hip Hop dance.

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For Teen Campers, there is the added opportunity to complete a training course that will give them the fundamental skills for coaching a variety of different sports. The TSC Institute of Coaching is designed to offer high level coach training from the experts who know best, allowing Teen Campers to take responsibility and offer their knowledge of sport to other campers.

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