Teen Camp Goes to Italy

Ski in Italy with TAC!

December 22, 2018 – January 3, 2019

$3,200 Early Bird Pricing Until May 1

$750 Deposit

What is the program?

It is a winter camp run by ZWST, a Jewish Youth Movement with chapters all throughout Germany. They run both summer and winter camps and year round Jewish youth programming. The winter camp is a ski based program, where the campers receive ski instruction from professionals at a nearby ski resort for approximately half the day. The remainder of the day, features choice activities, educational programming or special projects, and culminating in an evening social program each night.

What does the price include?

The price includes all of the program costs including accommodation, meals, ski rental fees, all activities beyond the skiing components and airport transfer to/from Munich Airport. The price also includes international airfare on a supervised flight from NYC.

What does the price not include?

Insurance coverage, which we recommend all families take out and personal spending money.

What are the dates of the program?

The group will be departing from an NYC airport on the evening of Saturday December 22, 2018 and returning on a flight that lands in the evening of Thursday, January 3, 2019.

Where do they stay?

The group will be staying at an all-inclusive holiday house near the ski resort. Campers will live 4-6 to a room and will be integrated with other local campers from Germany. Bedrooms include single beds, with connected bathrooms. Other facilities include various sports and recreational facilities and will be the location for all of the camp’s programming outside of the skiing instruction. Local excursions to the nearby villages are also organized.

Will campers be able to choose their rooms?

We will make every effort to honor requests for pairs of campers to be together. It is our intention to have our campers integrated with their counterparts from Germany.

How large is the camp?

The camp is approximately 100 teenagers, aged 14-18 years of age. We will be a group of around 20 integrated into that.

How are meals handled?

Meals are included as part of the trip. They are prepared separately by a hired chef, adhering to laws of kashrut.

Will you cater for special dietary needs?

Yes, we will work with the local staff at the resort to ensure that there are suitable meals for special dietary needs.

How is the trip supervised?

NJY Camps will be sending a member of its senior staff to chaperone the trip, including the international flights from NYC and will act as a liaison to all parents during the program and will continue to be a point person for NJY campers during the trip. The campers will be in groups of 15-20 with each group having counselors that supervise them daily. This does not mean however, that all campers in a group must do the same activities, they still have individual choices. The counselors are hired from within ZWST’s youth movement and are involved in year round activities in this capacity. Additional staff are hired from within Israel for certain program roles. There is also a camp leadership team of supervisory staff overseeing the entire camp.


How are medical provisions handled?

There are two onsite nurses who are with the campers both in the house and also at the ski resort. The NJY Camps chaperone will be involved in any medical matters concerning a camper from our group. Should a child need to be seen by a doctor off site, the nearby hospital is 15 minutes away as well as a local urgent care facility. Being at a ski resort and in peak season for skiing, the medical support is very comprehensive nearby.

Do I need insurance?

All participants are covered by an insurance for third party damages and accident insurance for while they are onsite in Italy. We strongly encourage campers to have additional insurance to include medical coverage, as well as for travel to and from the program. Make sure that skiing is a covered activity under any insurance policy taken out.

What if I don’t know how to ski?

The program is designed for all ski ability levels. A complete novice will be able to gain as much from the ski instruction components as someone who has skied before. You do not need to have any experience, however, you should be willing to learn and interested in participating daily. While there will be activities happening for individuals that choose to opt out of skiing during the half day periods, the vast majority of the camp will be choosing to ski and it’s a substantial component of the trip. That said, it is not the only purpose of the program.

How is security handled?

The holiday house is used exclusively by the camp. There is 24 hour security conducted by former Israel army officers.

Do the rules of camp apply to this program?

Yes! As part of this program, campers and parents will sign a code of conduct agreement which contains the same rules as our camp programs during the summer. Namely, there is zero tolerance on the use of or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as in engaging in sexual contact deemed inappropriate in public places.

How do they get there?

The group will be taking a direct flight from a NYC area airport to Munich, Germany. There, they will be meeting up with other chapters from ZWST and taking private buses to the facilities in Northern Italy. It is around a 2-3 hour bus journey.


How is registration handled?

First priority is being given to currently enrolled 2018 TAC Campers for the first 2-weeks of the registration period. To register during this time, families must contact the Teen Camp Director, Sam Aboudara directly sam@njycamps.org or 973-575-3333 ext 169. Beyond that, you will be able to register online, by logging into your camper’s account. We are running an early bird price up until May 1. Registration is very limited and done on a first come first served basis. A wait list will be kept once registration is full. To register, you must make a $750 deposit.

What if I need to cancel?

There is a refund policy for this program. Up until September 18, 2018 the trip is fully refundable. After September 18 and up until the trip departs, a fee of $1100 will be held to cover the non refundable components of the program. No refund is available after November 22, 2018.

How is Shabbat handled?

The campers do not ski on Shabbat. Instead there is a different program for the day featuring Shabbat friendly activities and educational programming. The camp maintains a Shomer Shabbat atmosphere during all programming. Campers are not required to keep Shabbat in their own rooms and private spaces.

Are phones allowed?

Campers are allowed to travel with their phones to the camp. They will be required to hand them in once they arrive at the camp and they will be kept with the NJY Camps chaperone. They will have daily use of their phones at designated times, but otherwise there are no phones used by campers during the program.

Is a visa required?

US passport holders do not require a visa to visit either Germany or Italy. If your child does not hold a US passport, please make sure to check visa requirements.

What are the passport requirements?

All campers must travel with a passport that is valid for SIX MONTHS beyond the return date to the US. Therefore, all campers must have passports valid at least until July 3, 2019.

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