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At Teen Camp we believe in giving our campers a voice, through a summer program designed for high school students, offering them ownership, responsibility and the opportunity to grow through teen travel, service learning and leadership training.

We believe in providing an experience that is relevant for high school teens and nurtures them at this incredible stage of their development.

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Teen Camp provides an opportunity for teenagers to learn about themselves, make a difference to the lives of others and realize their leadership potential.

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Our enriched program features over 75 choice electives, teen travel experiences, service learning volunteering and leadership training and certifications.

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My TAC summers have gone on to define who I am today, both in a Jewish sense and an individual sense. There is never a ‘bad day’ in TAC, because each night when you go to sleep with your bunk mates, you know you get to do it all over again tomorrow

Evan F – Lafayette Hill, PA