Dates and Rates

2025 Teen CampCamper RateWith $250 Security FeeTOTAL - $750 Deposit
(Until 10/31)
You Save…
Teen Camp Travel
June 24 - Aug 1 TBD
Teen Camp - Camp Only
June 24 - July 11 TBD
Teen Camp - Travel Only
July 13 - Aug 1 TBD
*$10,300Already Included$9,800$500
Teen Camp Israel
July 7 - Aug 3 TBD
Ent. 11th Grade Only
(Prior to RootOne Voucher**)
Already Included$10,800
(Prior to RootOne Voucher**)
TAC Israel + Camp
June 24 - Aug 3 TBD
Ent. 11th Grade Only
(Prior to RootOne Voucher**)
(Prior to RootOne Voucher**)

Please note, the fees associated with travel programs (both Israel and Domestic Travel) may increase by up to 10% depending on travel industry pricing at time of booking. Dates may shift slightly depending on availability.

Teen Camp Travel – Payment & Refund Information

Teen Camp Israel – Payment & Refund Information (TBD)

*We will start charging monthly installments upon registration. All fees will be fully refundable until the refundability timetable is shared.

**Israel RootOne Voucher

For the past four summers, NJY Camps has been accepted into a teen Israel trip initiative that provides $3000 RootOne vouchers to help fund teen travel to Israel. We will communicate information about RootOne Vouchers for 2025 once we know more.

Up to $1000 Incentive Available for First Time Campers

If you have never previously attended a Jewish overnight camp, you may be eligible for a One Happy Camper grant of up to $1000. Please inquire within to see if you are eligible (Teen Camp Israel not included). You must be a first time Jewish camper attending a non-profit Jewish overnight camp. As defined by the Foundation for Jewish Camp One Happy Camper program, a child is considered a first time camper if the overnight camp stay has been less than 12 days. This includes the Camp Nah-Jee-Wah First Step program. This incentive is dependent on local community funding availability and cannot be subsidized by NJY Camps. Funding and support for this program has been provided by local Jewish Federations (including Greater MetroWest NJ, Northern NJ, Heart of NJ, Greater Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati), PJ Library, Foundation for Jewish Camp and private donors.

International Campers

We welcome campers from around the world. For more information, please contact us using the Contact Form or call our office at (973) 575-3333.

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