Teen Camp Israel

Teen Camp Israel

The TAC Israel Trip

Non-denominational and pluralistic in outlook, our TAC Israel program in partnership with JCC Maccabi Israel (JMI), exposes Jewish teens to all that is great about Israel—its culture, its history, and its people. Our program helps teens to understand our past in order to build a better future, create meaningful dialogue with their Israeli peers, and truly understand the role of community in Jewish life. This summer, join other teens for a four-week journey of exploration, connection, and adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Eretz Yisrael!

A camper watching a sunset.

A group of campers holding the Israeli flag.

Cultural and Historic Exploration

From North to South, East to West, TAC Israel campers will discover the beauty, richness, and diversity of Israeli people, places, and culture. Campers will experience Tel Aviv, the Galilee and Golan Heights, Jerusalem and the Kotel, Eilat and the Dead Sea, the Negev region, and much more.

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Traveling all four corners of the nation on our Israel trip for Jewish teens will provide some of the most exhilarating opportunities for adventure. From rappelling down Keshet Arch and hiking up Masada, to surfing sand dunes and splashing around Ein Gedi, adventure comes in all forms.

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Elective Tracks

This is the “choose your own adventure” component where campers get to elect into a program of their interest and participate in a four-day intensive experience. These options vary each year, but have included:

  • Sea to Sea Hike, an expedition from the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Project TEN Center, an opportunity to work on educational and social projects with underprivileged populations to promote Arab-Israeli relations and equal opportunities.
  • Gadna, a taste of what it’s like to be a soldier in the IDF through a basic training-style experience.

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Community Service

One of the most fulfilling components of our Israel program is the opportunity for campers to participate in community service projects throughout Israel. In collaboration with local Israeli nonprofits, campers volunteer their time to help make a difference to the lives of others.

The Israeli flag.

Geopolitical Encounters

Through facilitated discussions led by subject matter experts and informal educators, over the course of the trip, campers will be exposed to many of the political, economic, and social hot topics surrounding Israel in the 21st Century.

Our Educational Themes

Educational themes are woven throughout workshops, discussions, outdoor
activities, hands-on touring, and informal moments of our program.

  • L’dor v’dor (generation to generation): Understanding our past to build our future
  • Kehillah (community): Strengthening our Jewish community and making connections
  • Mifgashim (connections): Fostering dialogue between North American and Israeli teens
  • Manhigut (leadership): Learning values and gaining skills to build future community leaders
  • Ruach (spirit): Embracing a pluralistic and joyous approach toward our Jewish traditions
  • Gvanim (diversity): Exploring the diversity and complexity of Israeli society

TAC Israel Partners

There are many partners that not only make TAC Israel a reality and more readily available, but also ensure that our teens have an unforgettable experience. JCC Maccabi Israel (JMI) is our travel partner and helps us put together a fantastic trip every summer.

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JCC Maccabi Israel

JCC Maccabi Israel (JMI) is a thrilling, educational travel experience where teens have the opportunity to form their own unique connection to Israel and its people. The program is organized by JMI professionals who provide the same passion for excellence found at all JCCs and JCC camps. Safety, security, and a quality experience are our guiding priorities.

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RootOne helps thousands of Jewish teens travel to Israel each summer for a truly unforgettable experience. RootOne is an ambitious initiative, seeded by a generous gift from The Marcus Foundation and powered by The Jewish Education Project. RootOne’s goal is to maximize the number of North American Jewish teens who experience Israel first-hand, and to maximize the impact that these experiences have on each teen. Through their generosity, RootOne helps make Israel available to more teens by providing educational opportunities and a $3000 voucher towards the cost of TAC Israel.

Dates & Rates

Israel DatesFees**
TAC Israel Trip Only
$10,900 full price
(Prior to RootOne Voucher)
TAC Israel + Europe Addon
$13,600 full price
(Prior to RootOne Voucher)

**We will start charging monthly installments upon registration. These prices do not reflect the $3000 RootOne Voucher. All fees will be fully refundable until the refundability timetable is shared.

NJY Camps is very excited to share that we have been accepted into a teen Israel trip initiative that provides $3000 RootOne vouchers to help fund teen travel to Israel in 2023! This opportunity has been made possible by the RootOne Initiative which is seeded through the generosity of the Marcus Foundation, and is powered by the Jewish Education Project. Our partners at JCC Association have brought this opportunity to affiliated overnight camps, and we sincerely thank them for their partnership.

Registered TAC Israel families will receive an application link to apply for the RootOne Voucher which opens after the new year. All eligible applicants will be notified once completing the application. All participants will be charged the full price until the RootOne Voucher requirements have been completed. There is a $750 deposit required to register.

Cancellation Policy (TBD)

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