Teen Camp Health & Nutrition

Teen Camp Health & Nutrition

At Teen Camp, we take the health of our campers very seriously. Our health center is an air conditioned building, equipped with a private exam room, medication room, triage room, and individual beds for campers. Our resident health staff consists of a doctor, a medical administrator, and up to five licensed nurses who oversee the medical care of our campers throughout the summer, including those requiring regular medication, with unique situations, chronic health issues, allergies, and more.

Our Health Center

Our health center is staffed 24 hours a day and our doctor and nurses live on campus to ensure appropriate care. Sick Call takes place after breakfast and before dinner, and campers are encouraged to come in for a visit when they (or their counselors) think they need medical attention. Nurses dispense medications from the dining hall at mealtimes as well as from the Health Center before bed. We are also only a short distance from the local Urgent Care and a major hospital in Port Jervis, NY (14 miles – 18 minutes away).

If campers need to spend the night, the upstairs of our Health Center, known as The Loft is equipped with spacious male and female dorms, accessible showers and toilets, and a private dining area. The Loft has a dedicated overnight nurse regularly monitoring and tending to the needs of our campers. The Health Center also provides the campers with bedding and towels so they don’t have to worry about bringing over their own should they need to stay the night. Counselors are encouraged to bring personal items to ensure their campers are comfortable during their stay.

If a camper is staying overnight or receiving care for a unique situation, the health staff always consults with his or her parents. We also understand that campers away from home with a health problem often need an extra dose of care and patience. Our nurses understand that working in a summer camp requires them to be sensitive to the needs of young people. It is essential that our nurses have not only the appropriate nursing credentials, but have the right temperament to work with kids as well.

While Teen Camp is travelling, be it in Israel or during one of the TAC Trips, in coordination with our trip providers, we make certain to have adequate medical supplies on hand and access to local hospitals, urgent cares, and doctors offices should they be required. While planning our trips, all staff and supervisors receive training for how to respond to common health-related incidents, as well as what to do in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Nutrition at Teen Camp

Because campers are constantly on the go during the summer, it’s extremely important that they eat right to maintain their health and energy. We strive to put together a kosher menu that is both diverse and nutritionally sound. Of course, we realize that not every child is going to like every meal. For this reason, we make sure that we always have multiple options available.

A variety of vegetables.

We strongly believe that food is a key step to ensuring that a camper has a great summer. While the goal of meal times is to provide nutritious and well-balanced meals that kids enjoy eating, it is equally important that our dining hall is filled with spirit and energy. Our camp meals are complemented with music, games, and tons of fun. Campers eat cafeteria-style with their bunk and counselors. This way, our counselors get to know their camper’s eating habits and food allergies and help them appropriately.

At breakfast, we offer a full cereal bar with several cereal options, fresh fruit, and yogurt. At lunch and dinner, we offer a full salad bar with lots of choice, pasta, whole wheat and white bread, and fresh fruit. These items complement our hot entrees.

As a gluten-free friendly summer camp, we have a dedicated GIG Certified Gluten Free kitchen that serves separate meals. These meals are served from a separate service line including a dedicated salad bar. We are also a nut-aware camp and avoid using peanuts and tree nuts in all meals. The same applies during Teen Camp travel experiences where we will coordinate with all meal providers to ensure that there are adequate options for a variety of special dietary needs. To complement our three core meals, we offer daily snacks so that our teens are never left hungry. We also encourage campers to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day. If your child has food allergies or intolerances, please contact us to learn about the different options we can provide.