Dates and Rates

2024 Teen CampDatesCamp Fee
Teen Camp TravelTBD
June 25 - Aug 4
July 3 - July 30
TAC Israel + Europe AddonTBD
June 27 - July 30

*The price shown is a placeholder and subject to change based on final costs. This price could increase by 10-15%. We will start charging monthly installments in September. All fees will be fully refundable until after final program details have been shared in November. First time campers may be eligible for the $1000 ****One Happy Camper Incentive Grant.

**The price shown is a placeholder until the cost of the trip has been determined in the fall. We will start charging monthly installments in September. This price does not reflect the $3000 ***RootOne Voucher. All fees will be fully refundable until after final program details have been shared in the Fall.

***Israel RootOne Voucher

NJY Camps is very excited and proud to share that we have been accepted into a teen Israel trip initiative that provides $3000 RootOne vouchers to help fund teen travel to Israel in 2024!

This opportunity has been made possible by the RootOne Initiative which is seeded through the generosity of the Marcus Foundation, and is powered by the Jewish Education Project. Our partners at JCC Association have brought this opportunity to affiliated overnight camps, and we sincerely thank them for their partnership.

Registered TAC Israel families will receive an application link to apply for the RootOne Voucher. All eligible applicants will be notified once completing the application.

All participants will be charged the full price until the RootOne Voucher requirements have been completed.

****$1000 Camper Incentive Available for First Time Campers (TAC Israel not included)

Minimum camp length of stay for $1000 incentive is 19 days. Must be first time Jewish camper attending a non-profit Jewish sleep-away camp. As defined by the Foundation for Jewish Camp One Happy Camper program, a child is considered a first time camper if the overnight camp stay has been less than 12 days. This includes the Camp Nah-Jee-Wah First Step program. New Camper Incentive program is not need based and cannot be combined with any other new camper incentive programs. . For Teen Camp Travel registrations this incentive is dependent on local community funding availability and cannot be subsidized by NJY Camps. Funding and support for this program has been provided by local Jewish Federations (including Greater MetroWest, Northern NJ, Heart of NJ, Greater Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati), PJ Library, Foundation for Jewish Camp and private donors. Campers residing anywhere in the United States are eligible.

International Campers

We welcome campers from around the world. For more information, please contact us using the Contact Form or call our office at (973) 575-3333.

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