Teen Camp Travel

Teen Camp Travel
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Teen Camp Travel

Unlike any other program in the world, NJY’s Teen Camp Travel program combines an incredible in-camp summer experience with an unforgettable tour around the United States.  

For the first 2.5 weeks of the summer, campers will be afforded every opportunity to enjoy the best that a traditional summer camp experience has to offer! From the jet skis to the zip-lines, to the bonfires, there are countless activities to explore. Not to mention the incredible guest speakers, volunteer & leadership development opportunities, and other Teen-specific offerings! 

After spending action-packed weeks in camp, the group then hits the road together, touring 8+ different cities around the American South (see below for full list). This is not your average teen tour though, this is an NJY Teen Tour! The community, culture, and values established in the weeks and years prior at NJY Camps will be brought to life in each city visited. From camp styled Shabbats, to visits to Jewish landmarks around the country, the love of camp in Milford hits the road with us!  

Camp, travel, leadership development, volunteering, and more…Teen Camp Travel has something to satisfy the thrill seeker, bond strengthener, and resume builder in every teenager! 

2024 Teen CampCamp Fee$750 Deposit
(Until 10/31)
You Save…
Teen Camp Travel
June 25 - Aug 4
Teen Camp - Camp Only
June 25 - July 12
Teen Camp - Travel Only
July 14 - August 4

2024 Teen Camp Travel Destinations

Destination #1 – Washington, DC

Destination #2 – Charlotte, NC

Destination #3 – Atlanta, GA

Destination #4 –
New Orleans, LA

Destination #5 – Dallas, TX

Destination #6 – Memphis, TN

Destination #7 – Nashville, TN

Destination #8 – Columbus, OH

What Can You Expect From Teen Camp Travel?

Exploration of Incredible Cities
Jewish Cultural Learning, Tying in our Milford Roots
World-Class Museums
College Tours
Amusement Parks
Live Entertainment & Events

San Francisco Trip

Toronto/Niagara Falls Trip


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